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Bitcoin Prints Golden Cross on Daily Chart, Mixed Prediction Pervades Impending Rally

Traders heaved a little sigh of relief as the Golden Cross was formed on the crypto asset daily chart recently. This time, it calls for more attention as BTC started to outperform its daily averages since the 2019 rally.

Throughout the entire existence of pioneer crypto assets, Bitcoin, the Golden Cross has just been shaped on only a couple of events.

The Golden Cross is a long term frame indicator in which a generally transient moving average crosses over a long term moving average appeared by a bullish candle pattern. On the turnaround, the death cross is a specialized chart pattern demonstrating the potential for a significant selloff.

In an ongoing analysis, it was noticed that ten golden/death crosses of 50MA intersections of 200MA were formed since 2014. In half of every one of these cases, BTC price didn’t encounter a prompt bull when the golden cross-shaped.

The ongoing situation displayed by BTC is a conflict of bearish and bullish depictions as observed on a couple of indicators. A Golden Cross and the up and coming halving in May, likely recommend an approaching rallying, a fresh 2020 high and another ATH. On the other side, the bearish situation considers the exchanging tides while recommending that the price may take a further downturn.

BTC’s inflation rate is predicted to be 1.8% which will be lesser than Gold and USD, consequently when BTC’s upcoming halving takes place after May. This will prove the value of scarce assets like BTC, ranking it to digital gold.

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