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Bitcoin in America: Customize Your Car and Pay in Bitcoin!


American custom car builder that makes built-to-order officially licensed vehicles now accepts payment in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and other various coins.

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies for its services is due to the company trying to reach a more global client base. The company in question is Classic Recreations. Based out of Oklahoma, Classic Recreations is a licensed builder by Ford Motor Company and Shelby America that builds and restores Ford Mustangs of different rare variations.

Jason Engel, the owner of Classic Recreations spoke on the decision to add crypto as a form of payment.

“My entire life I have had a strong fascination for technology and its evolution, Cryptocurrencies have come a long way and continue to solidify themselves as a legitimate currency on the global market. The true beauty of accepting cryptocurrency is the universal aspect of it which allows Classic Recreations to connect with consumers from anywhere in the world.”

The company has been in business for more than fifteen years and each of its built-to-order vehicles takes approximately four months (nearly 2,500 man hours). Additionally, all of its high-performance vehicles are handcrafted and built in-house, according to the company’s website.

Class Recreations specializes in rebuilding cars and is giving vintage cars a classic touch even before days of the internet. For instance, the GT500CR 900S is an updated version of a 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang. The street-legal car is powered a 6998 cc V8 engine that makes 800 hp of power and an all-new suspension to handle this massive power.

The least expensive model of this car is priced at Rs 1.02 crore. The company has also build brand-new versions of decades-old Ford Mustang models and some of it including 1969, 1970 Boss 429 and Mach 1 still remain among the most desirable muscle cars in the world.

Although these dealerships cater to the very successful individuals that own Bitcoin, there has been more adoption of Bitcoin in other brackets of those interested in using Bitcoin to buy cars.


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