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Binance Launches Development Platform, Funds 40+ New Projects

Following the launch of the Venus initiative earlier this month, Binance has another new project: on August 29, the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of Binance X, a new platform for developers that was created as part of an effort to boost mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

According to the blog post announcing the new platform, the widespread use of Binance’ APIs, Binance’ TrustWallet, the Binance Chain, and the Binance Charity Foundation means that the exchange has “become a platform that third-party developers can build and leverage for their own products and services.”

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Developers can use the new platform to learn more about blockchain technology as well as to collaborate with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Teck Chia, head of Binance X, told The Block that “the long-term goal of Binance X is to foster a thriving developer ecosystem that innovates on products and services that would advance the crypto ecosystem and contribute to crypto adoption.”

Binance charges ahead

According to Chia, BinanceX comes at a particularly important time in the exchange’s life cycle due to the fact that an increasing number of third-party developers are continuing to build products and services that interact with some aspect of the exchange’s ecosystem. If Binance successfully proceeds with the launch of Venus, its global cryptocurrency initiative, that number is likely to increase even further.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Binance co-founder He Yi explained that the exchange has learned from watching the difficulties that Facebook has been having with the launch of the Libra project. When Binance proceeds with its global cryptocurrency project,  He Yi said that “if we want to launch Venus in a country, we’ll make sure it complies with the regulations.”


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