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AMOS -A Smarter and Rewarding Approach Lever to Stay Fit 

AMOS is a sports solution platform that aims to leverage blockchain technology for the overall improvement of the existing sports ecosystem. According to a recent study by the University of Cambridge, more than 6,76,000 people die each year because of the lack of exercise. AMOS envisions to encourage people to start exercising, thereby reducing mortality rates due to physical inactivity. 

Smart Watch

AMOS has partnered with Strength Master Group to launch a unique smartwatch. This device will gather sports and physical exercise data from users and use this information in many ways. Some of the key features of this device are:

  • Users can access their sports activity information directly from the cloud for getting analysis and useful insights. 

    The AMOS Smart Gym network comprises five segments that include:

    • Reservation- Within this, users can access reservation system for equipment, get notifications, and see live visitor counts.
    • Data Gathering- It entails user verification, data related to equipment maintenance, and data of new users. 
    • Smart Environment- It offers temperature sensor, oxygen level sensor, and customized equipment for the best gym experience.
    • Data AnalysisThrough this, the system can analyze data collection and offers customized workout plan for customer with the correct training forms

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