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Aeternity Launches P2P Crypto Tipping Platform

Aeternity, an open-source public blockchain platform, launched a social monetization tool on Wednesday, enabling digital content creators to receive tips in cryptocurrencies.

Named Superhero, the decentralized application (DApp) is available as an extension to popular internet browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave and is designed as a peer-to-peer payment platform.

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Users need to install the browser extension wallet for sending and receiving the tips.

It is also available for iOS and Android mobile platforms, along with a widget that can be easily integrated into any blogs or website.

The platform is targeted to many including artists, developers, educators, medical groups, environmentalists, and even non-profits who can directly receive tips or funds without the intervention of any third-party.

The tipping can only be made in Aerinity’s native token AE.

Users need to purchase vouchers of €5, €10, or €15 for AE tokens via PayPal, BitPay, or JellySwap. It also supports atomic swap to AE with major digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ether, DAI, USDC, or wrapped Bitcoin.

Eliminating third-party from getting a piece from tips

“Content monetization has historically been a tug-of-war between third party advertisers, data thieves, host platforms, and lastly the creators themselves,” Yanislav Mahalov, founder of Aeternity, told Cointelegraph. “Superhero is putting the control back in the hands of the people, making it easier than ever to support creators from every industry.”

Notably, a number of blockchain platforms support such micro-transactions. Brave browser distributes BAT token to its users for watching online ads which can then be directly contributed as tips to anyone using the browser.


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