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20-Year Old Hacker Pleads Guilty To $5 Million Crypto Theft, Gets 10 Years In Prison

As reported by Motherboard, a division of news outlet VICE, on Feb 1, the hacker accepted the plea deal last week and will be officially sentenced on Mar 14. The authorities reportedly claims that Ortiz is the first individual convicted of a crime for SIM swapping.

“We think justice has been served. And hopefully, this is a strong message to that community.” 

What is Sim swapping 

In SIM swapping, the hackers pose as their target and call a telecoms company. Here they claim that their SIM card has been lost, so they would prefer porting their number to a new card. By telecoms company believes the hackers as they readily provide details such as the target’s social security numbers or addresses.

“With someone’s phone number you can get into every account they own within minutes and they can’t do anything about it.”

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