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Dash Expands to Latin America Through KRIP Phones

Leading cryptocurrency Dash has partnered with Kripto Mobile Corporation (KRIP), allowing consumers in Latin America to purchase the digital currency through a cryptocurrency-enabled mobile phone.

There seems to be ever-increasing excitement about cryptocurrency in the region amid growing economic chaos and the highest inflation rates in the world.

With this partnership, Latin Americans will gain access to Dash’s pre-installed ecosystem, including the Dash wallet, which will be available on their KRIP devices, no matter which part of the world they reside in. Latin Americans will have access to Dash’s pre-installed ecosystem, including the a href=””>Dash wallet. This will be available on their KRIP devices, no matter where they live.

Dash has been expanding rapidly throughout many developing countries, because it can be used in international trade and remittance and partly because it is a solution to monetary issues such as weak national currency.

Poor governmental policies in Latin America have led to high inflation. A large proportion of the population is also unbanked.

A recent survey showed that Venezuelan people see digital currency as a safe alternative in an economy which has enforced strict foreign exchange controls since 2003. The country has an inflation rate of 9000% over the past year.

VeneBloc data shows that Venezuelans have increased their Bitcoin trading volume to $1.009 million in recent months.

Bradley Zastrow is the Dash Core Group Head for Global Business Development. He said: “The KRIP phone is so special, aside from being a great smartphone at an affordable price, it makes this user experience central to using a cell telephone.” Even users who have never used cryptocurrencies before have everything they need. Dash Help Me and the Dash community work closely to ensure that new users have all the support they need.

“We are witnessing a remarkable transition period in Latin America, with people who are not banked or underbanked or just don’t want to use traditional banking systems. These communities will reap the benefits of our affordable phones, InstandSend transaction capabilities, and low fees by combining them with Dash. “With Bitrefill and other Dash apps like the Dash wallet added to our phones straight out of the box there is simply no better way to use cryptocurrencies such as Dash in daily life,” said Luis Sosa (co-founder of KRIP).


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