Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Coinsquare Adds Stellar Lumens to Crypto Trading Platform

Canada’s Coinsquare announced Thursday that it has added a new cryptocurrency to its cryptocurrency trading platform XLM. Commonly referred to as Stellar Lumens, XLM is the first coin from the global payment system Stellar.

Stellar’s payment network uses the XLM cryptocurrency to power it. This network aims to make funds transfer faster around the globe by connecting individuals, banks and payment systems quickly.

The addition of XLM on Canada’s leading crypto trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies brings the total coins offered on Coinsquare to 10.

Coinsquare CEO Cole Diamond commented on the addition, saying that Coinsquare aims “to offer convenient and secure access to the most-quality cryptocurrency through its platform.

“XLM is a very popular asset that we are delighted to offer our customers. We have been working hard to improve our digital currency offerings on Coinsquare since August 2018 when we launched XRP.

XLM’s launch shows that we continue to invest in our offering and are committed to being the most trusted platform for digital currency trade in Canada.

Coinsquare Will Not Remove Bitcoin SV from the List

The CEO of the digital asset platform also commented today on the current situation regarding Bitcoin SV (BSV). In case you’re not aware, the cryptocurrency has recently come under scrutiny, as well as the creator of the asset, Craig Wright, who has been threatening top figures in the crypto space with defamation lawsuits regarding his claim of being Satoshi Nakomoto.

As a result, BSV has been de-listed from top crypto exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, and ShapeShift. Binance’s CEO even said that Wright was a fraud.

Coinsquare however stated today that it will be taking a different approach with these top exchanges and will not be de-listing this digital asset.

“While any digital asset trading platform is free to make political statements about coins and voice their opinions on them, we do not engage in these activities. Diamond added that Coinsquare will not delist BSV.


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