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A Russian Blockchain Referendum Voter Managed to ‘Spoil Their Ballot’

Russian electoral officials are claiming success in the country’s recent referendum on constitutional reform – which saw the country make use of a blockchain-powered voting platform for the first time on a national scale. However, one tech-savvy voter appears to have pulled off a remarkable feat – by spoiling their blockchain-powered ballot paper.

As previously reported, citizens in the cities of Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod were given the option of casting their votes via smartphone or computer, with 1 million Muscovites and 140,000 residents of Nizhniy Novgorod registering to vote.

However, electoral officials appear to have been flummoxed by one individual, who registered to vote and then found a way to vote neither “for” not “against,” the only two options available on the poll.

Instead, officials stated that the (obviously very highly computer-literate) voter instead managed to access the blockchain to write an encrypted message in code. As the network could neither recognize this message as a vote in favor or against, it disregarded the message and did not count the vote. The organizers stated that the vote came from a Muscovite who obviously had “developing skills or advanced internet usage skills.”

Fellow Moscow-resident and crypto investment advisor Dmitriy Zaikov told Our,


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