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No Anti-Blockchain Voices in Russian Government, Says Policy Chief

The head of the Russian parliament’s financial markets committee Anatoly Aksakov said there are “no anti-blockchain voices in the government,” major industry players remain crypto-keen – and believes that a “cryptoruble” pilot will begin next year.

Per media outlet RBC, Aksakov – the chief architect of Moscow’s crypto and blockchain policy and legislation – was speaking at the recently held Blockchain Life 2020 forum. And he added that token issuance is becoming a hot topic in the Russian business world.

Aksakov reportedly told attendees,

“The main issue for those who are critical of cryptoassets is that they see risks in these for both the financial system and the general public. When we make decisions, we need to hear everyone out. We take everyone’s views into the account, including the Central Bank, which has a very conservative position [on this matter.]”


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