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New Initiative Rewards Artists For Bitcoin Street Art

The Bitcoin Awareness Game is the latest initiative to foster increased use of cryptocurrency-related street art worldwide, with artists rewarded with satoshis (sats, smallest units of bitcoin) from sharing their contributions to spreading the crypto message. (Updated on September 30, 13:30 UTC. Updates are in bold.)

The Munich-based collective Ideas Are Like Flames is behind the game, and they have a dedicated account that is used to share the art pieces that have begun to flourish around the world in a bid to promote the cryptocurrency. Artists paint graffiti, make stickers, posters, murals, and also share other forms of artwork.

The Bitcoin Awareness Game encourages crypto aficionados to spread the collective’s messages on stickers which are available in 19 designs. They can be purchased or downloaded from the group’s website which also includes the initiative’s manifesto.

According to the collective,

“Most people haven’t heard of Bitcoin and most of those who once did either think it’s dead, for criminals, will never work or [ENTER MISCONCEPTION OF YOUR CHOICE]. When these misconceptions come up, there’s no Bitcoin spokesperson to refute them. There’s only knowledgable Bitcoiners to set the record straight.”

Though the collective started the project with discussions with local Bitcoiners, and those they knew in other countries, their Telegram channel now has contributors from across the world, said for Our Pretyflaco, the person who initiated the project in 2016, still contributing to it on a regular basis, adding: “As a collective, ideasarelikeflames is open to like minded Bitcoiners and their ideas on how to spread the word about Bitcoin. Any person, who wants to contribute to this particular cause in creative ways is welcome.”


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