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Brute Force Attack Puts Super-fast End to ‘4-Week’ Bitcoin Riddle

Hackers rose to the challenge of stealing a bitcoin – with a “brute force” cryptanalytic attack allowing raiders to crack into a wallet and make away with the BTC 1 booty.

Alistair Milne, the chief investment officer at the Altana Digital Currency Fund, had set the world of social media a challenge, with four seed word clues posted to Twitter.

Fellow Twitter users warned that the clues were not hard enough to stop a brute force attack, with one opining that it would be “nice if a human solved” the riddle – rather than brute force solutions.

Brute force attacks typically involve individuals using hardware-powered solutions to submit massive amounts of passwords or passphrases variations until the correct option is discovered.

@alistairmilne please make the clues a lot harder. we’re almost at the point that brute-forcing will solve it. it w… https://t.co/kPGbjfZH7p

— automatonical (@automatonical)

Just under two days had passed before Milne returned to Twitter to concede that a brute force attack had indeed succeeded, bemoaning that he had “hoped” that even brute force attackers “would take a few weeks” to correctly identify four seed words.

Woke up to some ‘bad’ news this morning. The 1BTC wallet has been brute-forced, which is pretty impressive. They mu… https://t.co/SWyD79lnfI

— Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne)

Milne added that it had taken “the ‘hacker’ just 44 hours to brute force the wallet and claimed,


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