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Major crypto exchange Binance confirmed that they were experiencing “temporary difficulties accessing” on Tuesday morning (UTC time), however, “Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, APIs all [worked] fine.”

“Homepage, Download, Trade, Futures, Accounts, Markets, Launchpad all restored. Other sections will be restored shortly,” Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the company, tweeted around 07:59 UTC, while adding a few minutes later that “all web services should be restored now.”

He said earlier today (around 07:32 UTC) that there were “some issues with web for some regions.”

Hello BINANCE…what’s wrong with your website today? Was kick out during my trade and now Can’t get access anymore…!

— johnng0003 (@johnng0003) October 20, 2020

Total trading volume on Binance surpassed USD 1.97bn in the past 24 hours, according to data from had 35.6m visits in September, or 14.5% less than in August, according to data from

At pixel time (07:55 UTC), bitcoin (BTC) trades at USD 11,765 and is up by 2.5% in a day.


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