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The Memerable Market: Musk DOGE’ing Again, Lindsay Lohan Fails To Send BTC To The Moon

While coronavirus ruled the markets in 2020, it seems that the meme virus is in charge this year.

As bitcoin (BTC) is playing by its playbook today – once again correcting its gains after another strong rally – a new superstar in the cryptoverse, Tesla‘s Elon Musk, is on his dogecoin (DOGE) jokes again.

“Bought some Dogecoin for lil X, so he can be a toddler hodler,” the world’s (still) richest man tweeted, sending the price of DOGE around 10% up in an hour and liquidating around USD 5m short position at the same time.

Per media reports, Musk and his wife Claire Grimes named their son X Æ A-XI.


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

At the time of writing (16:41 UTC), DOGE trades at USD 0.076 and is up by 13% in a day. Oh, and it’s the 10th largest cryptoasset by market capitalization again.

As reported, Tesla’s and SpaceX‘s founder said on multiple occasions that his tweets about dogecoin are meant to be jokes. And these jokes helped some traders make more money (DOGE is up by 679% in a month), while others suffered losses due to wild fluctuations.

Meanwhile, another celebrity joined the bitcoin rush today.

bitcoin to the moon #

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan)

Lindsay Lohan, an American actress, singer, has 8.4m followers on Twitter, and if they rushed to buy BTC after this tweet, they got it with a discount.

At the time of writing, BTC trades at USD 44,662, dropping from USD 47,300 reached earlier today. The price is down by 5% in a day, trimming its weekly gains to almost 25%.


@elonmusk This is like Mcafee all over again, only this time it’s not a drug-fueled lunatic but the richest man on the planet doing it

— DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt)


— UÐI (@udiWertheimer)

That motherfucker tweeted literally like 50 seconds before I was trying to close my dogecoin short, I had my hands on the button when it insta jumped from 0.69 to 0.8

— bchpizza.org (@BCHpizza_org) February 10, 2021

Maybe next time you can tweet something from page 10 of Coinmarket cap…..

— Auntie Wendy O – I will never DM you (@CryptoWendyO) February 10, 2021

@Skelkjaerr @elonmusk I bought in at its peak and sold at a loss. I feel like I got tricked as well…

— nTeq (@nTeqfn)

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