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Should You Buy Dogemama? A Detailed Review

There are so many memecoins out there – Shiba, Dogecoin, Baby Doge and thousands more! How does Dogemama compare?

Overview of Dogemama

Dogemama is more than the other poorly built economically and technologically memecoins. Dogecoin, contrary to Elon Musk’s claims, is not fit to be the currency of the future. It’s definitely a good start. However, it doesn’t provide the resources necessary to solve this problem.

Dogemama, built on Binance’s Smart Chain, is faster that Dogecoin and Bitcoin. The environmentally sustainable technology for cryptocurrencies is here in the form of Dogemama! Dogemama is not just a memecoin. It’s a group of like minded individuals, who are a part of a larger family.

Binance’s Smart Chain provides the tools to provide the most accessible and powerful economic solution for all users of the internet. As a result, the DM token is more significantly more efficient and cheaper to use than any of its competitors.

Dogemama promotes transparency. The top 11 wallets holding Dogecoin hold over 46% of the entire Dogecoin supply. This means that the whole ecosystem, millions of people, are all subject to the actions of 11 anonymous people. These 11 wallets can choose to completely bankrupt the value of Dogecoin at virtually any time they want, without restriction and without warning.

Well not with Dogemama! Dogemama will never see toxic levels of centralized concentration that Dogecoin is prone to. Dogemama’s involves a deflationary transaction and supply model alongside a 1-3 year vesting period. Hopefully this will assure that no small group of holders are able to dictate the market and price for the rest of the 99.9%, while also providing transparent assurance that everyone who is in this together, is doing it for the long-run.

Upcoming Plans

We are very impressed with the plans that the Dogemama team has laid out. Besides pledging to donate 2.5% of its tokens to charities helping mothers in need, it has plans to airdrop DM tokens to organisations that female-centric and have dedicated CSR teams

On the soon-to-be launched DogeMama Family platform, investors will be able to choose to invest in Dogemama in various packages to earn larger bonus rewards. Within your Dogemama Family Portal, investors can refer their friends to join the family and earn

Dogemama NFTs?

They also have a NFT marketplace planned for the future that uses Dogemama as the transactional currency. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It give a person proof of ownership.

We all know the Mona Lisa, adored by millions. You can go to the Mona Lisa museum, see the painting on display, maybe even take a picture, but you can’t bring it home with you because you don’t own it. You can print out a copy of the Mona Lisa and hang it from your home, but it’s just a copy. The original painting of the Mona Lisa is basically the NFT of Mona Lisa.


We have seen and invested in thousands of tokens, and reviewed hundreds. Every new token out there claims to be the next big thing but usually with nothing to show for. From what we can see on the blockchain and from speaking to its founders, Dogemama stands out as the premier choice among memecoins investors. We have high hopes for Dogemama and its community and will update this review as they progress.

You can learn more at Dogemama Official Website.


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